After your procedure, you will be observed first in our Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) until fully recovered from your anesthesia. We will monitor your vital signs closely. Once awake, you will be assisted to dress and escorted to a comfortable recliner chair where your family will be able to join you. Light nourishments will be provided to ensure you are able to tolerate food and fluids before discharge.

Prior to leaving, the physician will evaluate your recovery, your nurse will review post-operative instructions and medication usage, and both will answer any questions you may have before your next appointment with your doctor.

Outpatient surgery allows patients to be able to continue their recovery in the comfort of your their home with family and friends. Our nurses will call you the following day to make sure that you are recovering comfortably.

Again, for your maximum safety, you are required to have a family member or friend drive you directly home upon discharge and stay with you overnight.